We will help you obtain Portuguese citizenship.

It is very easy, all you have to do is complete the eligibility check. If your result is positive we can start the procedure immediately.

After you have sent all the document scans by email or fax, and then the original by mail, the rest is already our job. 

After we finish our job, all you have to do is submit the application to the IDF and then for a passport at the embassy, ​​or directly in Portugal, in any city you choose.

We will set the queue for you, with all the documents and certificates we will obtain for you, and finally collect the passport.

Sefaradi will provide reliable information, tips and help throughout this very long procedure!

But please, be patient. It’s not us, it’s the Portuguese bureaucracy. It takes them years, and calling us every month will not make it faster.


  • Submitting your application for Portuguese citizenship and passport from A to Z;
  • Assistance throughout the procedure;
  • Quick service: Will shorten your waiting time for a passport by about two whole years (check feasibility with us);
  • VIP Service: We will find and get all the documents for you. Also, if you wish, accompany you in Portugal during your visit until you get your identity card and European passport European (even during COVID);
  • Converting a driver’s license in Portugal (available to all residents legally in Portugal and the citizens of 33 countries in Europe);
  • Opening a bank account in Portugal or the EU (online banking);
  • Any help in Portuguese bureaucracy;
  • Support in front of the consulate Portuguese;
  • Translations of documents from Portuguese language and vice versa by an authorized translator;
  • Obtaining a certificate attesting you are “Spanish” the Jewish community in Portugal;
  • Pedigree required to fill the application according to information provided to customers and our further research (if necessary);
  • Buying real estate and obtaining a mortgage in Portugal (without residents).