Account opening operation

The first 25 applicants who want to open an account at the online REVOLUT bank, through us, and meet the conditions of the offer below, will receive an 80% discount and will pay only NIS 100 instead of NIS 500!


If you are a resident or European citizen with an ID card or passport you can open a Revolut account! (Also residents of several other countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Japan)

We will guide you through a detailed video and online help on how to open your first European bank account, without ever leaving home!
With your new European bank account, you can deposit NIS, convert it to euros – and dozens of different currencies – , and pay with the bank’s debit card in any country you visit using the local currency and the best possible exchange rate.

How to get your discount:

  • Open an account
  • Deposit money in it by credit card or bank transfer (we can help with that)
  • Order a debit card and make 3 purchases with it

And all this before 1/6/21!

More about everything you can do with your new account as Israelis, see our post here.
There is no cost and no commission for managing the account and also for many operations (here, check here )
You can search more about this online bank on Google.

So what are you waiting for?